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1069 Designs

I had an epiphany over the summer talking to my dad when he come to visit of what I wanted to do, may not be a lifetime goal per say as not sure if it will be profitible, but I hope it couldnt be. Well, anyway, Im gonna do it regardless as a side thing as its what I enjoy. Im gonna be designing and selling t-shirts. My shop is called 1069 Designs. I can be found at – which is obviously linked off my own website which at present is still a work in progess. I have not added any designs as yet – but my goal is to have 5 designs up and ready for purchase online by Dec and to have the shop looking well. It can also be found at Happy Shopping! xxx

Hello world of Bloggers

This is me, I hope to write as often as I can on things I see, hear, read, watch, do and most important learn. xxx