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Hoorah! I got a call today about an internship. yay! It will be once a week when I have a day off from college. It is in the head office of the company I work for. So will see the retail side to the design business. Exciting is not even the word! A great opportunity and I hope I can learn alot from this.

Offset: Day 3

Again, at the grand canal theatre bright and early for a 10am start. M&E studio who are based in Sweden now. I then went to the talk on routes into graphic design. Made sure I was back for Celestine Cooney, as I couldn’t go to her talk on Saturday. She is again local and so bubbly with energy. She really inspired me to persevere and get out there and to get myself  to do what I want to do. Tomer Hanuka, Illustrator. Then lunch with a preview screening of lost and found. They had a competition to submit a sketch of the characters from the movie and a guy from my college won a copy of the movie. I went to catch the end of David Carson’s q and a. Then Wooster collection, they do some amazing work by helping to fund the people who push the boundaries of public art around the world.  Zach Gold the photographer, I really like his dissolving photo technique of sand and water. He is very experimental in his work as shown by his vat of milk. I missed David O Reilly only to try get more from George Lios. He was having a 2 hour interview with Q and A. this is when I got the photo and he is so nice. He remembered me from talking to him earlier, he is so great. Then the finale to Offset 2010 – Gary Baseman. not sure what exactly to say. he is phenomenal in a perverse, quirky, weird, he lives by his own rules type of way. I did like his style, even if the subject matter is very controversial and it puts some thought in your mind and on telling someone about his work, I probably did not give it justice, it really just comes across quite perverse in a very bad way with his paintings of little girls and their shu shu’s. give it some thought. xxx

Offset: day 2

Yet another great line up was in store for the day. I must admit I didn’t know a single name on the list but I just felt like I was in the presence of greatness in this industry. Started off with a sweet Emily Forgot. So young and so talented. She finds inspiration from everything and she still has so far to go with her work. Linda Brownlee with her amazing photography is one of the local talent.  Then I went to the second room where Directors from Detail were talking about internships and for me as a student I completely advocate them, but unfortunately for me, they only take Irish students. But they did give some great info and I got a ‘free badge’ so I went away happy. such simple delights. Steven Heller is a big name and discussed the world fairs and whether design can save the world/future. Then onto David Carson, talked about everything, I knew his work but not of the person, as I have worked in retail for many years and started in a Quiksilver shop, so all our advertising had a lot to do with David Carson, who knew. He talked for close to 2 hours. But great for every word. Then Mark Farrow being interviewed by Adrian Shaughnessy.  Alan Clarke with his visually in your face illustration but again, local and lekker, so young with so much talent to show the world. Then the one and only fabulous ‘madman’ George Lois. never heard this name, but from sat evening, is going to be ingrained in my for the rest of my life. I hope to do my thesis on him so will keep you posted. Got his autograph and a photo with him, and what I love almost the most – is how fondly he talks about his wife and that next year they will be married 60 years. I left that night with this amazing buzz, like i needed to scream or draw or create something. I could feel this light of inspiration, went to bed just thinking all about design. xxx

Offfset: Day 1

Registration was a simple process, lots of milling around until about ten to 9 when main stage opened. Bren opened proceedings. Adrian Shaughnessy & Tony Brook took to the stage first. Great talk about what they have gotten up to. Next was Martin Haake and illustrator from Berlin. Some wierd and wacky illustration but on the whole I do like his style. Next was Aiden Grenelle. Our own local irish designer. very down to earth and he has done some amazing work with some big clients around town. Phillip Hunt from Studia AKA was brilliant. Amazingly brilliant work as well as entertaining on stage. Daniel Eatock – some very off the beaten track work but same thing, abstract but I can definitely see the appeal – very obtuse thinker. Steve ‘Espo’ Powers. What I found the best about him is that he went back to his roots and helped his local community where he grew up. He did something for the greater good with his art and in my opinion, he is definitley just a big softie at heart with his emotional and love statements. Nik Roope from Poke London. I liked the mention of their link to charity work with Barnado’s with such a worthy msg. Scott Dadich from Wired: he is an age old in this business and a wise man with lots to show if you are given the oppertunity. Definitely one of the genius minds. Today was so amazing and my head felt melted but absolutely worth while. cant wait for more tomorrow.

1069 Designs

I had an epiphany over the summer talking to my dad when he come to visit of what I wanted to do, may not be a lifetime goal per say as not sure if it will be profitible, but I hope it couldnt be. Well, anyway, Im gonna do it regardless as a side thing as its what I enjoy. Im gonna be designing and selling t-shirts. My shop is called 1069 Designs. I can be found at – which is obviously linked off my own website which at present is still a work in progess. I have not added any designs as yet – but my goal is to have 5 designs up and ready for purchase online by Dec and to have the shop looking well. It can also be found at Happy Shopping! xxx

Hello world of Bloggers

This is me, I hope to write as often as I can on things I see, hear, read, watch, do and most important learn. xxx