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10 Weeks of college – this is what I did

As I think I mentioned before I signed up to NCAD Textile Design Course. Learnt about transferring inks on to fabric by a few methods and then with what type of fabrics. I mostly did screen printed items and used the course to my advantage to make some of my designs for real. So it was brilliant on a whole and I started the credited course last Monday so will have to wait and see what I can produce from this one.

Here are the t-shirts I made last year.

To buy any product or design you can go to

Im still here and I sold something – again!

So I have¬† been absent for a while But I’m now working on a very cool, brand spanking new laptop so I’m getting myself moving and onto designing again. The best news though and a great inspiration is that I sold another t-shirt design . Yay! so great news for me as a designer and thank you to those people out there wearing my designs on whatever item you put it on. I would love pictures by the way for whoever bought them in the likely event they ever happen to see this blog post – just putting it out there I guess.

Twirls and Swirls

Something new I actually did learn today, making a fabulous wallpaper for a website I am designing and I found this amazing tool in illustrator. Love new discoveries.


Sites I love

I started using google reader a while back and was definitely over eager on what I subscribed to – like news sites and such. So I have cut down on alot of sites but some I have found I continue to read continuously – and I wanted to share them with you.

Have a look and enjoy!

Starting College AGAIN

I have enrolled in a part time course at NCAD. I want to develop further skills in fashion and integrate me design knowledge. This is a textile design course, so I will get to know fabrics, printing, and all sorts. There is one this year and one next year – so at least something to occupy me intellectually for the next while.

My last 3 books

Prima Dona by Karen Swan

I read something by here by chance- so I reserved this one. was just as good. I really like her writing.

Getting Mad, Getting even by Annie Sanders

ah, alright. they all find love and all turns out OK

Down to earth by Melanie Rose

strange and weird, I was intrigued but huge anticlimax at the end. No answers, not the great suspense kind of ending just a let down.

I sold a design

Hey all, I’m very happy as I sold a design on 1069designs. Wasn’t one my favourites, but happy none the less that in the past year I have had loads of site visitors and someone took an interest enough to pay money for one. yay me!

I’m working on trying to get a new design up almost every day – if not I have my own version of a swear jar that I put a euro into when I don’t do it. So either way, win win,¬† I have new designs or I have some savings for a new pair of shoes.

Making a portfolio Site

An ever changing and ongoing challenge to get this site up to scratch. Will I ever get there I dont know but I hope it looks good and has easy havigation. This has been going since summer 2009. I want to show the best of my work and the best of my skill set. I didnt work on it for the whole of my 3rd year, but trying to get it started again.

Environmental Design

I have been given a new assignenment in college on environmental ethics and due to the nature of my course, the ethics in design. particularly environmental. So in researching I cam across this website Have a read. I signed up to the pledge. Have u?

Learning Flash

Its definitely complicated. I have to do 3 animated buttons. in theory it sounds easy, the first one with all its moving parts went off ok – but seriously stuck on 2nd and third. have to figure out how to import a second image to a stage to make it the final frame in the animation, the way I have it now it just wrong. so, working on it. keep you posted. xxx